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Vacation Rental Pantry CHECKLIST

Stocking the Vacation Rental Pantry

At the very least do supply the basics:

□ Sugar
□ Salt
□ Pepper

The next level of essentials that are often expected and definitely appreciated:

□ Coffee
□ Tea (variety pack)
□ Coffee filters
□ Powdered creamer
□ Italian seasoning
□ Garlic powder
□ Steak seasoning
□ Chili powder
□ Cooking oil
□ Vinegar
□ Cooking spray
□ Vanilla extract
□ Flour

More dry goods that are nice to have, and as non-perishables, easy to maintain:

□ Bouillon cubes
□ Decaf coffee
□ Hot chocolate
□ Cinnamon
□ Baking powder
□ Baking soda
□ Drink mixes
□ Microwave popcorn
□ Pancake mix
□ Brown sugar
□ Yeast

PerishaKetchupMustard-vacation-rentalbles are often offered, but you are treading on thin ice here. Do not provide these items unless you can guarantee food safety. How? Either individual packets. Or try the “stay clean cap” style of container.

Buy small sizes in bulk and toss out opened jars of jams and condiments.


Additionally and as long as you keep lids wiped clean between guests; the following items are occasionally made available.

□ Soy sauce
□ Tabasco sauce
□ Worcestershire sauce
□ Maple syrup

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  • Jenny Ranson

    I always used to offer a good stock of basics to my renters, until I found I was being marked down on ‘items left by previous guests’. It was as if I had left used soap in the bathroom, even though I explained that it was me that had put it there. Now I have a wooden box of tea and coffee sachets, and I leave a bottle of milk and a bottle of water in the fridge. Of course I always have a home-made cake and a bottle of wine on the table. Guests seem very happy with that, as if they are not expecting it. I also ask guests in advance if they would like me to do any shopping for them.

    on   |   Reply
    • VRSupplies

      Very good points! The shopping option is such a great solution as well. We are also planning to put together a nice little box that include samples from a local jam producer.

      on   |   Reply
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    […] guests. Leaving non-perishables such as sugar salt and other dry goods is always appreciated. A basic first aid kit is highly recommended. Make sure your fire extinguisher and smoke detectors […]

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